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What's it all about?

Ever tried to schedule an event with a bunch of busy people? Only to end up with a bunch of open conversations and mixed availabilities? Imagine a tool that let you:

Pick a clear set of possible dates

Share the event with a simple link

Vote easily Yes or No for each time slot

Finalize the event once votes are in

That's all there is to it! But in case you have more questions:

Do I have to sign up?
Heck no! Accounts or personal data are not needed!! I hate when sites steal my personal data, so I won't ask for or take yours. In fact, no cookies, I won't track you, nothing! Enjoy!!
Who can see my event?
Only people who have your event's specialized link can see or respond to your event.
Can I edit my events?
Sure! You will get a special Organizer link when you create your event. You shouldn't share that link, since it's the one that will allow you to edit and finalize your event.
Can I change my vote?
Using your personalized voting link, you can edit your vote until the organizer finalizes the event.
It's free? What's in it for you Mr. Web Developer?
I needed a tool to help me organize my own busy life. I couldn't find one that was free and easy to use, so I made one!

Ready to get started?

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